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an inside look at outdoor sculpture

As faculty members at Columbia College Chicago,  Christine Rojek and I began a dialogue that has evolved over 15 years.   We discovered that we both shared a commitment to the arts and a passion for sculpture.  In past years, we had both guided our three dimensional design students into an ‘open air classroom’ viewing the vast collection of public art in Chicago’s Loop.   Ultimately our new venture was created:  SculpTours: an inside look at outdoor sculpture.  
As professional sculptors and educators, Christine and I now guide our clients through Chicago’s renowned “museum without walls”. Our tours are informative and accessible to art enthusiasts as well as beginners, providing tips and tales that you won’t find in any history book.  
As a non-profit organization, it is also our mission to promote the appreciation and advancement of sculpture.  We curate several exhibits and events each year showcasing Chicago Sculptors.  

For more information including about our customized tours please contact:


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