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Affordable necklaces  for day & evening! All designs are unique, often
one of a kind & handcrafted using a variety of metals, stones, and beads.  

NeckHorlineDot copy.jpg

Line & Dot 

Sterling silver, bronze

Rubber cord w/ sterling fitting

OR sterling chain 

2.5" by .5" 


Sterling Silver Slides

Sterling silver

1 1/4" / .3"     1 ¼" / .5"

adjustable 16" sterling chain

Line & Spiral

Sterling &  bronze

adjustable 16" sterling chain

out of stock 

PendsymBlk  copy_edited_edited.jpg

1"  Pendant 

Bronze, Sterling w/ patina 

adjustable 16" sterling chain

2Lines 2Circles

Sterling, copper

adjustable length sterling chain 16+


Line w/ Circle

Sterling, copper OR bronze circle

adjustable 16" sterling chain

1- 2-3 Necklace! 

One necklace can be work 3 ways!  Flip, turn, lengthen & shorten according to your mood. 

Sterling , black onyx, brass wrap with adjustable 16" sterling chain.


3 Pendants in One 

Sterling & copper 

30" sterling chain

3 lines

Sterling, bronze, steel

adjustable 16" sterling chain

out of stock 

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